Our founder, Dr. Jennifer Laude, was drawn to this therapy after learning her father and sister had rare autoimmune conditions (for which there was no approved treatment) and her mother was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and arthritis, which caused her great pain. After seeing remarkable results using Hyperbaric Oxygen within her own family, Dr. Laude became passionate about bringing this therapy to the community, and working to educate people about its many benefits. She has trained in oxidative medicine through various accredited associations, is the director of other local HBOT programs, and owns another local mHBOT business.

Awards & Accreditations

Postdoctoral Fellow. Stanford University School of Medicine
Research areas: Medicine, Psychiatry, Psychology, Neuroscience
PhD Experimental Psychology. University of Kentucky, Spring 2016
Program: Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychopharmacology
Hyperbaric Safety & Operations Training Certificate by the International Hyperbarics Assn.
International ATMO: Hyperbaric Medicine Team Training
International ATMO: Safety Director Training
International ATMO: Wound Care Course
International ATMO: Hyperbaric Facility Maintenance Course
Brain Stimulation Intensive; TMS Certification
Structural and Functional Brain Connectivity via MRI & fMRI Training

Professional Affiliations

International Hyperbaric Association
International ATMO


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