The benefits of oxygen therapy are numerous. The human body has self healing mechanisms, high level oxygen enhances the healing process. Choosing hyperbaric therapy has allowed my body to experience those benefits. The sessions are relaxing, and I feel cleansed when I finish. Thank you to Dr. Jen and staff!


Where do you even start!? The staff is beyond amazing and extremely knowledgeable. They use their endless resources to come up with the best plan for your situation/care and they are compassionate every step of the way. The office is beautiful and clean, I cannot thank them enough for everything they have done for me.


Love this place! The staff is so friendly and nice. The therapies they are offer are so healing and helpful with numerous health conditions. I love their red light therapy and hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Every time I need a pick me up I stop in and get a B-12 shot and it really improves my mood. On top of that this clinic is so relaxing and beautifully decorated, so the whole experience leaves you feeling healthy and recharged. Can’t recommend this place enough!


I enjoy the red light therapy bed they have. It helps with muscle aches, headaches, and PMS. I especially like it in the winter as it is warm and reminds me of a tanning booth only it’s actually healthy. I like the affordability and ease of scheduling too.


From the first moment I walked in, the staff was helpful and friendly. The services they offer are so beneficial to good health and improved quality of life. Personally I was scheduled for surgery when I found Hyperbarics of Idaho, the use of the hyperbaric chambers, PEMF and Red Light Therapy and Ozone therapy made my surgery and recovery a smooth and easy process, my physicians have been amazed at how quickly I have healed. I continue to use their services to support my well-being and highly recommend them to my family and friends.


Super awesome crew. Very friendly and flexible with life issue and schedules. I’m still working through some rare health issues but without Dr Jen, Kourtni, the others, and their advice I may not be around. Definitely recommend these great people. They do know what they are talking about. Very honest business and worth the time.