How we keep patients safe from Covid-19.

COVID-19 policies/procedures.

The novel coronavirus causes the disease known as COVID-19, which is contagious and presents a risk of exposure anywhere people are present. Scientific and public knowledge regarding the novel coronavirus/COVID-19 and associated risks is still developing and any current recommendations or understanding of the disease may change over time. COVID-19 may have a long incubation period during which carriers of the virus may not show symptoms and still be contagious. In some cases, COVID-19 can lead to severe illness and death.

Although we will always do our best to social distance, the nature of treatments received at Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic of Idaho makes it impossible to always comply with the CDC’s current social distancing recommendations of maintaining a distance of 2 meters (6 feet) between persons. For example, the hyperbaric technician will need to take your vitals before and after each treatment.

Such circumstances are things you must consider before pursuing in-clinic treatment. The decision to pursue treatment in-clinic is sometimes especially difficult for the immune-compromised when they are faced with a possible viral threat but hyperbaric oxygen therapy can possibly enhance health and immune system function, indirectly reducing risk of contracting COVID-19 and possibly reducing complications if contracted.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic of Idaho has adopted the following safety protocols for COVID-19

  • Technicians use the following PPE when interacting with patients: Medical/procedure mask, Gloves.
  • Front desk staff use the following when interacting with patients: Medical/procedure mask or face shield, Plexiglass divider between self and patient.
  • Environmental protections: Ozone fogging of the clinic for 4 hours on weekends, air purification system running 24/7, Automatic/hands-free hand sanitizing stations, Diffusion of OnGuard, Disinfection of the following between patients and prior to new patient arrival: (1) Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber including new sheets, blankets, pillow coverings, (2) Chairs in the lobby are antimicrobial, we also wipe them with disinfectant, (3) Door handles in treatment room and front entrance, 4) Light switches in treatment rooms and reception, (5) POS device, (6) Reception area, all common touch surfaces, (7) Any other products used including pens and clipboards.
  • We ask that patients who choose to wait in our waiting room wear a mask. Non-mask wearers can wait in their car until their scheduled appointment time and may wear a face shield while walking though our waiting room.

Although such safety protocols are in effect, we understand you may have specific concerns or medical exemptions for mask-wearing we are open to discussing. We hope you can understand it is not easy during these times to keep mask-wearing and non mask-wearing individuals happy but we try our very best to accommodate individual preferences.

Patient Safety Is Our Top Priority

We make sure our facility is as sanitized and safe as possible to ensure the well being of our patients. We use PPE when interacting with patients, regular Ozone fogging, air purification system running 24/7, and thorough sanitization measures are taken between each patient.